TaoTronics TT-AL09 Dimmable 120 watt LED Review

TaoTronics has produced a top-notch dimmable reef LED light that generates beautiful and well-balanced light, which is designed for optimum growth of your coral.

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This TT-AL09 unit is a serious fixture for the reef enthusiast. It uses a series of 3 watt, Bridgelux brand LEDs, 28 of which are royal blue (450-470nm wavelength), and 27 of which are cool white (12,000-14,000K). The fixture is equipped with separate dimmer knobs, cords and switches for the blue and white LEDs, which provides lots of flexibility as far as creating various moods and intensities. And there are three lighting modes to chose from: 1) blue on, white off; 2) blue off, white on; and 3) blue on, white on. With both the blue and white LEDs on, the fixture draws approximately 120 watts of power. It also has 3, built-in 0.1 amp fans and 2 aluminum heat sinks to make sure it runs cool to the touch and silently. The TT-AL09 is rated to illuminate an area of roughly 4.85 square feet.

This unit is a great choice for featuring/growing your seaweeds, corals, fish, clams or mushrooms. And with its LED technology, you will avoid the money trap associated with typical HID reef lighting. Indeed, conventional HID fixtures generate tons of unwanted heat and usually necessitate expensive chiller equipment and/or loud fans to cool the units and your reef inhabitants. This expenditure can easily surpass the cost of your fixture outright, or in time due to your mounting electricity bills.

The TT-AL09 also is a safer and much longer lasting alternative to T5 or other fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent bulbs generally lose much of their punch after about a year of use. As such, you will most likely need to replace them annually. With the TT-AL09, its LEDs are rated to last over 50,000 hours – so you most likely will never need to replace them. Moreover, you will not encounter the hazardous chemical Mercury in its LEDs, as you will in fluorescent fixtures.

In short, if you are looking for a energy-efficient, long-lasting, safe, and powerful light source that produces beautiful and enriching light for your reef tank, the TaoTronics TT-AL09 Dimmable LED Grow Light is an excellent, cutting edge choice.

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