Rena 721 Filstar XP2 Review

The Rena 721 Filstar XP2 Canister Filter simply can’t be beat in terms of durability, and ease of  maintenance for tanks up to 75 gallons in size.

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The Rena 721 Filstar XP2 is another well-built canister that provides chemical, mechanical and biological filtration for your fresh or saltwater tank, at a good value. The 721 Filstar XP2 also has additional features that are aimed at ease of operation, such as a self-priming mechanism (no more pumping to start the flow), super fast maintenance, and an anti-airlock system, which avoids noisy bubbles getting trapped inside the impeller. Trust me, this is a big perk if you have heard what that sounds like!  The pump equipped with the 721 Filstar XP is rated at 300 gallons per hour –  a very good flow rate for its class.

As usual, Rena goes to lengths to ensure that the filter can be set up quickly, even by those who have never used a canister type filter before, by providing color codes on the parts and a full color instruction manual with each unit.

Indeed, Rena’s claim that the 721 Filstar XP is one of the most reliable and easy to maintain canisters filters out there is borne out by the many reports from users. Users commonly report that the 721 Filstar is the most durable, quiet and simple canister to operate that they have ever used, particularly given the relatively low cost of this model.

Due to the ease at which it can be set up and cleaned, I believe the The Rena 721 Filstar XP is probably one of the best choices for those starting out with their first canister filter. Of course, its also a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable replacement filter that does not require any fussing. Indeed, one of the most typical problems associated with operating a canister is maintenance. By making this task as straightforward as possible, users can more easily maintain the unit at optimum efficiency.  There is no point in purchasing an expensive and powerful filter if its routinely allowed to become clogged or choked by debris. The Rena 721 Filstar XP avoids the “chore” of filter maintenance and thereby helps ensure that it is done more often! That’s better for you and your fish.

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