Penn Plax Cascade 1500 Review

The Penn Plax Cascade 1500 canister filter offers top-notch quality, power and performance typically found only in much higher-end models.

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The Cascade 1500 is suitable for fresh or saltwater and comes equipped with a pump rated at 350 gallons per hour, which makes it suitable for tanks up to 200 gallons.  However, it can be used on much smaller tanks well. Indeed, the main consideration in selecting a filter is the bioload of the tank. For example, a 30 gallon turtle tank will product a lot of waste and therefore necessitate the power of a larger-capacity canister filter like the 1500.

The Cascade 1500 delivers the standard mechanical, chemical and biological filtration that you’d expect from a good canister filter via large filter media trays, and it primes with a simple push button feature. The package includes all of the accessories and hoses needed to get the 1500 started, and the unit can be easily manipulated with its 360-degree rotational values to accommodate various placements beneath the tank or in cabinet stand. As far as the filter media, the unit comes with some start-up material, but the canister can accept all types of media material, including floss and even DIY media (e.g., lava rock) if that is desired.

Penn Plax has been producing solid products, including canister filters, for the aquarium hobby for a very long time. It has not disappointed with this more powerful Cascade 1500 model.  This canister filter has received high praise from the hobby given its performance, durability and silent operation. Moreover, it is a very easy canister filter to set and maintain. Maintenance, in particular, is critical to make any canister run at optimal levels. Making this chore less tedious is therefore a very important feature.

In sum, I would place this filter along side pretty much any other canister in its field, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a dependable and no-frills alternative to some of the more exotic – and expensive – names out there.

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