Marineland PC-ml530 Review

The Marineland PC-ml530 Multi-stage Canister Filter is an excellent choice for any serious fresh or saltwater aquarium enthusiast, even for heavily-stocked tanks up to 150 gallons in size.

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The Marineland C-series provides the typical 3-stage filtration (biological, mechanical and chemical) that other canisters in its class do.  However, the C-series do not have any bypass apparatus – in other words, all of the water moving through the canister passes through the media, rather than some portion of the flow escaping around it.  This results in more complete filtration and cleaner water. In addition, the BIO-Filter Balls that Marineland provides with the PC-ml530 are designed to maximize the surface area upon which the growth of beneficial bacteria can occur.  Its these microorganisms that do virtually all of the work of breaking down toxic ammonia and nitrates into less harmful compounds. This highly efficient filtration, coupled with the PC-ml530’s certified flow rate of an impressive 530 gallons per hour, means that the PC-ml530 is particularly suited to filter even heavily stocked tanks, or tanks containing large predatory fish that produce relatively heavy volumes of waste material.

Besides providing a solid product, Marineland also provides a fairly detailed set of instructions and a DVD manual with each PC-ml530, which describe the initial setup of the canister and how to select media options.

I’ve always liked Marineland products, and the PC-ml530 is no exception. In my opinion, this is a great new model that covers all the bases – it provides a strong flow rate, its exceptionally efficient due to its elimination of bypass water, and the advanced design of the BIO Filter Balls it comes with ensures that the most important aspect of any filter, biological filtration, is maximized. Moreover, the reports from users confirm the durability and quiet operation of this unit.  In summary, the PC-ml530 is a super solid choice for even the most heavily stocked tanks and largest reef communities.

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