Marineland PC-ml360 C-360 Review

Marineland’s PC-ml360 / C-360 canister filter offers solid performance and value for freshwater or saltwater tanks up to 100 gallons in size.

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Marineland has been putting out great aquarium products for a very long time, and the C-360 is no exception. The specs on this unit are solid: a certified flow rate of 360 gallons per hour, a “no-bypass” type media tray design, and a three stage filtration system.

The C-series canisters, including the C-360, are among Marineland’s heavy hitters in terms of biological filtration. Among other things, they come equipped with Marineland’s “BIO-Filter Balls,” which are designed to grow lots and lots of beneficial bacteria – i.e., the microorganisms that do the work of breaking down ammonia produced by fish into less harmful compounds.  In addition, the C-360 has a unique tray design that does not permit water to bypass the filter media. This “no bypass” feature therefore ensures that 100% of your tank’s water comes into contact with the filter media, where it can be treated. Given this very efficient and complete filtration, the C-360 is a good choice for handling high-bioload tanks.

In terms of operation and reliability, users report that the C-360 runs quietly and is easy to maintain. Moreover, it results in very clean water. However, with canister filters in general, you should routinely check the output flow – if the flow reduces significantly, it most likely means that you will need to clean the pre-filter or other media to maintain optimal performance of the unit.

As usual, Marineland offers reliable customer service, a good instruction manual, and a DVD guide with each purchase to get the unit up and running quickly. Regardless, the C-360 is not a complicated unit to understand and operate.  As such, it is a great canister filter for those transitioning from hang on back (“HOB”) models, or for those that simply want an easy to use and reliable canister that gets the job done.

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