Marineland ML Double Bright LED Review

The Marineland ML Double Bright LED Light provides a beautiful, safe and energy-efficient bright light in a very sleek and contemporary design.

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Marineland has stepped things up with their ML Double Bright LED system, which utilizes polycarbonate lenses to focus light output and protect the LED bulbs. The ML Double Bright LED is designed to create an attractive shimmering light that resembles sunlight. The user can choose to employ the 1-watt white and 60mW blue LED’s together to mimic daylight or simply use the blue luminescence setting alone to simulate moonlight. This is a very cool feature for displaying your tank in the evening!

Under the hood of the ML Double Bright are 1-watt and 60mW super-efficient LED’s that provide much more illumination, watt for watt, than typical fluorescent lighting. Moreover, as with LED lights generally, these bulbs do not require costly, routine replacement. In fact, the lights are rated for approximately 17,000 hours of running time. Compare that with the annual replacement of typical T5 bulbs. The unit is also much safer than a standard fluorescent fixture in that it is very low voltage in the event the unit falls in your tank.  Of course, this also means it uses much less energy too, which avoids the trap of high electricity costs, which can easily surpass the cost of standard, non-LED “bargain” units in the long run. Finally, another benefit of LED lighting is the lack of any hazardous waste material. LEDs, unlike fluorescent bulbs, do not contain the toxic metal mercury.  As such, there is no need for special disposal procedures, and no need to panic when, for example, a florescent bulb shatters in the middle of your living room.

The consensus of the many users who have purchased the ML Double Bright LED are that the unit is well-built, durable and provides highly-efficient and attractive illumination for the home aquarium. In addition, users note how cool to the touch the ML Double Bright LED remains when operating. This is a very important, particularly during the hot summer months when a conventional light might require an expensive chiller unit to mitigate the heat produced by the fixture.

In summary, the Marineland ML Double Bright LED System is an attractive, modern, reliable, safe and energy-saving fixture that complements your tank while minimizing any heat stress on its inhabitants.

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