Fluval G3 Review

The Fluval G3 is for the truly demanding aquarium enthusiast who wants a Cadillac-quality filter with some of the most intelligent features on the market today.

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Hagen’s launch of the Fulval G series was nothing short of epic, and just by looking at it you can see why. However, under the hood, the Fluval G3 really packs some of the most intelligent features we’ve ever reviewed, including an IPod style LCD screen, push button navigation, and a “HydroTech” intelligent monitoring system, which provides 48 days of flow rate and conductivity data, and 8-days’ worth of temperature charting. All of this is in addition to, of course, generous biological, chemical and mechanical media trays, a high quality, dual drive coil pump, premium fittings, and an extremely well-built filter casing, all of which is wrapped up in a housing that is built more to be displayed rather than hid under a tank stand!  The G3 series is suited for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 80 gallons in size.

The Fluval G3’s bells and whistles surrounding its self-monitoring capability may seem at first overboard. However, for the serious aquarium enthusiast, this is very good data that can help dial in and maintain a narrow window of preferred temperature and water parameters.

In addition, the constant monitoring and display of flow rates is particularly useful in that it allows the user to identify even the slightest clogging of the media. As such, you can always detect and remedy situations when the filter is not running at full potential.  And Hagen has made cleaning of the G3 very easy by housing the mechanical pre-filter and chemical filter media in cartridges that can be accessed from the top of the unit.  This avoids the usual chore of disassembling the whole filter and disturbing all of the media trays.

We can go on and on about all of the high tech aspects of this filter, but, sufficed to say, the Fluval G3 covers all of the traditional aspects of power filtration, and then takes it to the next level with its data monitoring system and display. In conclusion, while all of these features are not necessary in a canister filter, if what you seek is the height of aquarium technology in an undeniably sleek design that you could proudly display along with your tank, the Hagen’s Fluval G3 is your filter.

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