Fluval 406 External Filter Review

Hagen’s Fluval 406 canister filter is the “Mercedes” line of external filters, and comes with a superior design and craftsmanship, which shows in its durability, silent operation and performance.

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The 406 model is suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums up to 100 gallons in size. It is equipped with a full set of mechanical, chemical and biological filter media, and the unit employs an advanced, instant priming system that is intended for quick startup. It also it comes with a clog-proof intake stringer, a pre-filter foam screen and sound-dampening impeller design, which is intended to make the unit run silently.

The 406, like the 06 line generally, has also benefited from Hagen’s development of a more powerful motor and a high media holding capacity.  Hagen reports that this series holds 35-50 percent more volume than round canisters of a similar size.  Moreover, the use of the Bio-Foam material in the 406, which functions as a secondary layer of mechanical and biological filtration, increases filter performance and extends the life of filter carbon and filter pads, thereby simultaneously reducing the frequency of maintenance.  If you have every cleaned out a bunch of canister filters before, you will really appreciate this improvement!

Fluval certainly does not need positive publicity.  Over the many years it has been in business, Fluval has built up — I should say earned — an iconic reputation in the aquarium hobby for producing the best filters on the market. I can’t say this wasn’t earned. The Fluval 406 is as solid a piece of manufacturing you are going to find, and it is easily worth the higher price relative to other brands when you consider this model’s performance, silent operation and durability.  Even the higher quality small parts, like couplings, hoses, gaskets, etc., are worth the extra price.  Trust me, I’ve had several canisters that ran fine, until small parts broke or snapped off that couldn’t be replaced.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a canister filter that performs and is built to last as very long time, then the Fluval 406 is definitely my pick for any fresh or saltwater aquarium up to 100 gallons.

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