Finnex RAY II AL-H48DS Review

The Finnex RAY II AL-H48DS High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED Fixture is another hot new LED product that is proving to be an ideal choice for growing both corals and freshwater plants.

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Even at first look, the contemporary and super slim and sleek design of this LED fixture sets it apart, but its features and functionality are what make it a great value for freshwater and marine aquarium enthusiasts.  The 48″ Ray II utilizes a series of powerful parabolic aluminized reflector (i.e., “PAR”) LEDs to power marine and freshwater plant growth. By using this design, the Ray II provides the output of three T5 bulbs with only 1/10 the power of incandescent illumination – of course without all that unwanted heat normally generated by incandescent bulbs.

This unit is also built to last, utilizing a moisture-resistant splash guard and durable high output LED bulbs, which are reported to last approximately 40,000+ hours. No more replacing your T5 bulbs every year!  In addition, to further complement the LED bulbs’ longevity, the unit’s circuit boards are constructed with high quality aluminum, and the fixture itself promotes heat dissipation by functioning as a heat sync. Pretty darn “cool” indeed.

As far as fitting on your tank, no worries. All of the fixtures come with a versatile mounting apparatus that allows the light to mount on all kinds of different sized sumps or tanks.  Furthermore, the Ray II comes in various lengths and Dual High Output LED combinations. Currently, the Ray II is available in 16″, 18″, 24″, 36″ or 48″ long fixtures. Models are sold with either a dual 7,000k + 10,000k LED combo, 10,000k + actinic combo, dual 7000k, or dual 450~465nm High Intensive LED strips.

As I have said many times ago, I am very happy that LED lighting has taken hold in the hobby, and the Ray II seems to be another cutting edge choice for freshwater or marine aquariasts at all levels. In particular, the PAR system the Ray II employs makes it a particularly efficient and powerful light for the price and wattage, which seems to be supported by reports from users, who seem to immediately note the brightness of the Ray II’s crisp white light compared to other similar fixtures.

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