Ecoxotic Panorama Marine Pro LED Review

The Ecoxotic Panorama Marine Pro Led aquarium lighting 24″ striplight kit exemplifies a cutting edge, complete LED lighting for your marine tank.

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LED technology brings incredible efficiency, a super-sleek light fixture, incredibly long bulb life and cool, quiet operation. Moreover, this unit produces infinite color and mood settings for the most discriminating reef aquariasts, all with a simple adjustment of a dial. Among the unit’s impressive features are 12,000K White & 445nm Blue LEDs, a mirrored aluminum reflector, independent control of white & blue LEDs, dimming capacity, and variable light intensity output.  The unit comes out of the box with all needed accessories for mounting.

This fixture is also beneficial in that it uses less electricity (50% more efficient than comparable 2xT5HO lighting), is low voltage (24 volts), and is mercury free, which is safer for both those living inside and outside of the aquarium! In addition, its low voltage avoids the risk of “induced voltage,” which may cause lateral line disease, and electrical shock. Likewise, with this unit there is no need to worry about having to dispose of the hazardous mercury attendant with fluorescent fixtures.

I absolutely love the use of LED fixtures. I for one no longer have the energy, time or money to labor with hot metal halide units that call for expensive water chillers, or fragile and inefficient T5 bulbs that require annual replacement. The Ecoxotic Panorama Marine Pro Led avoids these traps, and is truly one of the more advanced, versatile and eco-sensitive marine light kits out there for the new aquariast. Unsurprisingly, the feedback so far from the reef community is compelling:  the Panorama Marine Pro Led delivers.  If you are in the market for an LED fixture kit that provides strong coral growth and spectacular color, with easy and limitless capacity for color and light variations, look no further.

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