EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 ES Review

The EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 ES is simply the best propeller pump we have reviewed for nano reefs up to 50 gallons in size, and is therefore well worth its considerable price tag.

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Serious reef enthusiasts understand that water movement is extremely important towards maintaining a healthy, growing reef community. Corals and other sessile reef organisms necessarily depend on strong and varied currents to bring them food and remove waste.  As such, pockets of slow water can create diffusion dead spots, which can dramatically reduce the uptake of oxygen and nutrients, which in turn can lead to sluggish growth and polyp expansion of your reef inhabitants.

The EcoTech Marine VorTech series is unquestionably the gold standard in propeller pumps and for good reason. Simply put, the MP10 ES moves a lot of water around for its small size of 2.5″ inches in diameter by 2 inches long. It produces a minimum / maximum flow rate of 200 and 1,575 gallons per hour, respectively, yet draws a mere 8-18 watts, respectively.

The MP10 ES is also extremely programmable, boasting various operational modes, including, among others: 1) constant speed mode; 2) feed mode; 2) reef crest mode; 4) lagoon mode; 5) short pulse mode; 6) long pulse mode; 7) night mode; and 8) tidal swell mode.  All of these and its other operational modes make for a highly controllable and versatile wavemaker/ current generator, which creates exceptional water movement and goes far towards mimicking a natural, turbulent reef environment in which your coral can thrive.

The EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 ES is certainly not an inexpensive propeller pump.  However, it is not designed to be.  As noted, given the crtical importance of strong and varied water movement, we believe that this is clearly the most effective pump out there for nano reef applications, and is definitely well worth its price for those seeking maximum growth and vigor of their coral reef inhabitants.

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