Coralife 05692 Pure-Flo II Review

The Coralife 05692 Pure-Flo II 50 GPD 4 State RO/DI System is a high-quality reverse osmosis system for the serious aquarium enthusiast, or anyone else that wants to convert tap or well-water into 99.9% pure H2O2!

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This Coralife unit utilizes a premium Thin Film Composite (“TFC”) reverse osmosis membrane, which is the most advanced type of membrane out there. This 4-stage system also comes with a mixed-bed resin deionization cartridge, which removes any additional impurities to produce remarkably pure water. RO systems are a must for those who are serious about dealing with heavy metals, hard water, toxins, and pretty much any other impurity or dissolved material in their source water. The Pure-Flo II can be hooked up to any municipal or well-water source, and comes with all the clear filter canisters, cartridges and standard faucet attachments for you need to get started. However, if you have very low water pressure, you may need to purchase a booster pump separately.  The unit can be mounted on a wall or under a cabinet, it’s up to you.

Routine maintenance of RO membranes is critically important to maximize their longevity. Fortunately, the Pure-Flo II makes this very easy for the user. Just by switching two of the outlet fittings, you can flush the unit and significantly extend the life of the membrane. The harder the source water, the more important this will be. And if you have dealt with cumbersome flush kits that come with other systems, you will understand how great the Pure-Flo II’s easy-flushing feature really is.

I have used Coralife RO systems before and will continue to use them exclusively for my water purification needs. In particular, I have found the TFC membranes that come with their units to be particularly high-quality. Each time I tried using cheaper replacement membrane brands, like those which often come with “bargain” units, I have found them to be less effective and very short-lived.  Word of advice – never skimp on membranes! In short, I strongly recommend the Coralife 05692 Pure-Flo II for anyone needing to reduce the hardness of, or remove toxins or other impurities from, their source water.

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