Coral Compulsion 36w Par38 LED Review

Coral Compulsion has just come out with its 36w PAR38 LED 20k Full Spectrum Reef Light, and reefers are already noticing.  The color and intensity of this versatile screw-in fixture is second to none, and is sure to appeal to those reef enthusiasts looking for serious flexibility and bang for the buck.

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The 36w Par38 LED is a very solid and adaptable fixture. For starters, it fits into any US e26 screw-in socket, making it ideal as a single clip-on fixture for a nano tank, or in a series for larger reef setups.  Second, it packs a ton of punch.  It consists of 12, 3-watt parabolic aluminized reflector (i.e., “PAR”) LEDs, and 90 degree optics, which are reported to cover an area of approximately 18″ by 18″. Third, the color combination of the LEDs is excellent.  The unit comes with following LEDs:  6 Deep Blue 455nm, 2 Cool White 12000k, 2 True Violet 420nm, 1 Deep Red 660nm, and 1 Cyan 495nm.

In addition, unlike traditional florescent or HID lights, you will not need to worry about excessive heat or noise generated by the 36w Par38 LED.  Nor will you have to worry about toxic Mercury, or budget for yearly lamp replacements, which are problems attendant with many “bargain” canopies using T5 lamps.

Overall, I really like the Coral Compulsion 36w Par38 LED, and feel it offers tremendous possibilities for the DIY crowd. The LED color combinations are outstanding and, in particular, by fitting into a standard screw-in socket, reefers with even minimal experience with DIY electrical projects can use it in a simple clip-on socket, or begin to design their own light canopies with parts easily obtained from the local hardware store.  And with the 90 degree optics, DIY reefers can manipulate the individual fixtures in nearly endless ways, to obtain exactly the coverage and spotlighting they desire.  In sum, the Coral Compulsion 36w Par38 LED is a very good deal for the nano and larger reef keeper alike.

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