biOrb Silver Aquarium Kit Review

The biOrb Silver Aquarium Kit makes a very interesting and self-contained aquatic conversation piece for any room in the home or office.

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The concept of the biOrb tanks is to provide the user with a self-contained, bowl-type aquarium, which utilizes a modern lighting and filtration system that is built-in to an attractive, contemporary design. This they have done.

The biOrb Silver Aquarium Kit is not just a fish bowl –  it comes with all of the more advanced features you’d look for in an aquarium kit:  an 8-gallon acryclic tank, a hood with a halogen light fixture, a five-stage filteration system, gravel, an airpump, water treatment chemicals and an instruction booklet.

Now, with any aquarium kit, one must respect the size and capactiy of the tank. For an 8 gallon tank, I would recommend some small livebearing or schooling fish, like guppies, mollies, platys, tetras, rasboras, danios, etc., or at most two or three larger fish, like smaller goldfish varieties. In any event, makes sure that your biOrb’s filter is properly cycled (i.e., mature with beneficial bacteria) before you go and put fish into it.  If you do not understand this or are not familiar with cycling a tank, please make sure to discuss this with someone at your local pet store before purchasing fish.

I really like the biOrb Silver Aquarium Kit, and biOrb line in general, because it opens up fish keeping to an audience that is desirous of a slightly more stylish kit, which functions not only to display the fish, but also to provide a piece of interesting home decor.  I suspect this is why the biOrb has received such rave reviews from users. It is also a great choice because it offers lots of options in terms of inhabitants. For example, I can easily see a very attractive biOrb kit setup with a half dozen cardinal or neon tetras and a few corydoras catfish – you can’t do that in a conventional fish bowl!

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