biOrb 12 Volt Intelligent Light Review

The biOrb 12 Volt Intelligent Light is an extremely cool LED light specially designed to mimic natural day night cycles for your biOrb or biUbe aquarium.

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This is a very cool product. The biOrb Intelligent LED Light automatically creates a 24 hour light cycle to approximate a natural photoperiod that your fish would encounter in nature. Further, there are a total of 7 different light cycles to choose from, including sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight cycles, all of which can be selected with a simple push of the button.

This light is also fool-proof.  You do not need to program anything.  All you need to do is plug it in.  The unit is equipped with an automatic 24 hour timer, which allows you to simply plug the light in and let it automatically cycle the lighting at the same time every day.  As with LED lighting generally, three is no need to continually replace the bulb, since the light is reported to last for approximately 50,000 hours!  Likewise, the unit requires very little electricity compared to the standard halogen bulb, which saves money in the long run.

The biOrb Intelligent LED light is also advantageous for safety reasons – no need to worry about shock with its low voltage of only 12 volts.  Nor can it be easier to replace, simply swap out the existing halogen light and your are done!

Finally, the biOrb Intelligent LED light is a mere 18 mm in thickness and carefully hidden in the aquarium lid.  As such, it will not obstruct the 360 degree viewing angle you bought the biOrb for!

I really like this product.  As far as the importance and affect of natural light cycles go, I believe the aquarium hobby is still in its infancy, particularly as it concerns spawning “difficult” to breed fish.  Granted, the type of fish you are keeping in a biOrb are probably not those you are going to breed; however, I do believe that fish benefit in the long run from receiving natural light cycles. And besides, the light cycles it creates is really cool for the viewer!

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