Aquatop Nano Type-R LED Review

The Aquatop Nano Type-R LED is a cutting edge and extremely slick mini LED fixture for your rimless, nano reef tank.

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Aquatop has pushed the envelope again in its Parology Series by specially engineering a nano LED lighting system that simulates the shimmer of natural sunlight, while producing minimal heat.  Without any hot bulbs too cool, this fan-less design runs perfectly silent.

The Nano Type-R is not designed for high- light corals, but is optimally suited for  maintaining low to medium light marine reef organisms, such as soft coral, mushrooms and zoanthids. Please note that the unit fits only rimless tanks with a maximum glass thickness of 7 millimeters.

I believe the Aquatop Nano Type-R LED is a great little light for the cutting edge nano reef enthusiast.  First, it has a certain sex appeal about it, as it possesses an undeniably modern, yet minimalistic design.  Second, it has a high PAR value, and delivers good light intensity and color for keeping low maintenance corals. Specifically, it comes with 12,000K white LEDs and 450-465nm blue LEDs, all of which run on 24 volts / 7.5 watts, making it highly energy efficient.  Third, without the heat and excessive power consumption of a conventional florescent fixture, it requires no fans or anything else to generate noise, so it runs silently. And finally, because of its LED technology and low running voltage, you need not fear the toxic Mercury attendant with florescent lights, nor electrical shock in the event the unit falls in your tank accidentally.

As nano tanks continue to grow in popularity, LED technology will continue to remain at the forefront, given the small size and low energy requirements of LED fixtures.  Aquatop, however, has set the bar even higher with the Nano Type-R LED.  In conclusion, for those looking for a hot new nano LED for their rimless low-moderate light tank that is as stylish as it is functional, this unit is a very sold choice.

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