Aquatop Nano Type-P Led Review

The Aquatop Nano Type-P LED is a super-sexy LED fixture for your rimless tank, and is perfect for maintaining small fish and/or freshwater shrimp in a lush, planted nano landscape.

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Aquatop’s planted tank Parology Series continues to deliver hot new products, this time specially engineering a nano LED lighting system for planted tank enthusiasts. As with its sister model, the Type-R (for reef tanks), the Nano Type-P has no need for fans or other gadgets to cool it, so it runs without making any sound at all.

The Nano Type-P, in addition to being undeniably stylish, produces good light for low-moderate light plants. Using only 24 volts and 7.5 watts, the diminutive Type-P produces 700 lumens of white light rated at a color of 6,500K. Please take note that this unit fits only rimless tank with a maximum glass thickness of 7 millimeters.

This LED fixture is a solid buy for a few reasons. First, its styling is second to none, and therefore is simply a pleasure to look at on a nice planted nano-scape.  Second, it provides good illumination and color that is sufficient to grow low to medium light plants with virtually no heat generation or excessive power consumption.  And finally, with its LED technology and low voltage, you need not fear any toxic Mercury or shock if the unit fell in the tank.

Indeed, the Aquatop Nano Type-R LED light is ideal for growing mosses, crypts, java ferns and a variety of other easy to maintain plants. I could easily envision this fixture on a nice moss-planted nano tank with a colony crystal red or other types of dwarf freshwater shrimp. I can also see this complementing some small rasboras, guppies or a group of celestial pearl danios.  Regardless, whatever you chose, you can’t go wrong with this super slick little nano fixture.

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